A Tale Of Chance And Serendipity On The Long Road To Santiago

I’m always on the look out for tales of serendipity on the Camino de Santiago. Of stories of chance, coincidence, and calling between pilgrims.

Which is why I received a wonderful surprise upon my return from my recent Portuguese Central Camino De Santiago.

I’d fallen behind with replying to my instagram messages. As I settled down to the task of working through my replies, I came across a message from a Portuguese woman asking whether there were pilgrims on the road this year as she was walking the Camino in August.

I apologised for the delay in replying while reassuring her that there were pilgrims walking this year and hoped she enjoyed her Camino.

She replied to say thank you. She was actually at Finisterre having completed the Portuguese Central route. By the way, she asked, might I be the woman she spoke to outside a coffee shop who gave her a recommendation for an albergue?

The answer was yes! She was the woman who took the above picture of William and me as we made a pit stop. We were heading in the opposite direction so we only exchanged a few words.

It really does go to show how the Camino works its magic, as I congratulated her on walking all the way to Finisterre, the end of the world and beyond.

The Camino magic really is everywhere!

Check out my book, A Wild Woman’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago for practical advice on preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago including snippets from my journey and stories from Camino pilgrims.

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