Camino de Santiago – Some Journeys You Must Walk Alone.

Having walked two Caminos de Santiago solo, I understand that there are some journeys that must be taken alone.

For most, it’s the challenge. The feeling of “I did this for myself. By myself. On my own.” Walking the long road to Santiago solo works wonders for self-confidence. It is a massive achievement.

For some, it’s the need for alone time. To enjoy a period of reflection and inner peace. To unplug from everyday life and recharge in nature.

For many, the don’t have a choice. They may not have a travel companion. They face the choice of missing out on an adventure of a lifetime or being brave and going alone.

Whatever the reason, I know there are many women who decide to walk the Camino de Santiago solo who haven’t taken a holiday alone before.  Some have never travelled on their own full stop.

I understand why it can feel like a daunting prospect. Travelling to a foreign land to walk with random strangers following yellow arrows all the way to Santiago de Compostela is not your average holiday.

There is much to consider. From the equipment that you’ll need to bring with you to arranging your flights. You’ll have to make a decision on whether you want to share a dorm room with strangers or have the comfort of your own room ensuring a good night´s sleep. Do you want the certainty of knowing where you will sleep every night by booking ahead or will you take a risk and trust that the Camino always provides?

There´s your luggage to consider; whether to carry it with you or have it transported as you walk along the Way.

What guidebooks and apps will you use?  What safety measures do you need to take? What happens if something goes wrong?

Will there be other Pilgrims to share the experience with to which the answer is always a Yes.

Yet none of the above questions should stop you from making the journey on your own and experiencing a trip of a lifetime.

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Don´t be afraid to walk alone, my friend.  Don´t be afraid to like it.

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