Camino de Santiago – Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

While the main Camino Season runs from April to October, many pilgrims choose to walk during the winter months for a variety of different reasons.

Outside of the main season, the Camino de Santiago is much more sedate, with lower numbers of pilgrims on the trail. For the pilgrim searching for peace and quiet on their pilgrimage to Santiago, the winter months might just be the perfect time.

However, parts of the Camino Frances, Primitivo, and Del Norte are closed or inaccessible due to snow during the winter months.

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago and Camino de Invierno run through the region of Galicia, which experiences mild winters, with daytime temperatures rarely falling below 10 degrees.

While there will be rain to contend with, on some days, a pilgrim is greeted with crisp, fresh mornings, clear, blue skies, and lush, green countryside. This is a wrap-up-warm-and-enjoy-the-outdoors-in-winter type of Camino.

For the pilgrim who prefers to walk in a cooler climate than the extreme temperatures of the summer months, the winter season could be the perfect time to explore the Camino de Santiago.

Galicia is highly regarded for its winter cuisine. Think rich stews and casseroles, seasonal, earthy vegetables, and hearty soups mopped up with Spanish bread, all washed down with a spicy Rioja. The perfect end to the walking day.

During the winter months, the scent of roasted chestnuts, a popular winter snack, is ever-present on the streets of Spanish towns as vendors roast the nuts on hot coal fires on most street corners. The perfect way to warm up on a crisp winter’s day.

Walking the Camino in winter gives a pilgrim the opportunity to see another side of Spanish life during the winter and Christmas festivals.

For those who travel from afar, airfares are likely to be lower during the winter months.

Remember. Weather conditions cannot be guaranteed on any Camino route, and there is a high likelihood of experiencing rain during the winter months.

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