Buen Camino From A Guarda On The Variante Espiritual Camino De Santiago.

Buen Camino from A Guarda!

I visited the town of A Guarda yesterday preparing for our Wild Camino Guided Journey in September! Our journey begins in the village which is deemed to be a European Destination Of Excellence.

The village is nestled under the green forests of the Monte Santa Tecla with stunning views of the Altantic Ocean, earning A Guarda the title of one of the most unspoiled fishing villages in Galicia. We’ll enjoy a pilgrim dinner in the small port overlooking fishing boats dotting the crystal clear waters.

The town has an historical centre which includes a old monestery and church built in the 10th century. The highlight is the village plaza (as pictured) where our Camino officially begins when our guests receive their first stamp in their pilgrim passport.

From there, we wander the narrow lanes out of the old town to be met by the stunning mountain vistas and the sound of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean caressing the shore line.

Come and wander the way on the Variante Espiritual Camino de Santiago routes with one of our experienced Camino guides this September. We take care of the details, leaving you to enjoy the magic.

We recommend that you reserve your place as soon as possible if you’d like to join us. Visit our Wild Camino Guided Journey page for full details.

I share my love for the people, the culture, the food, and my passion for the Camino de Santiago in my book, A Wild Woman’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago. I provide practical advice for pilgrims preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago including snippets from my journey and stories from Camino pilgrims.

Looking for Camino inspiration? If you would like to read my personal Camino story, my book The Adventures of a Wild Woman on the Camino de Santiago: Life Rewards The Brave is my inspirational tale of leaving behind the rat race to create a whole new life on the Camino de Santiago.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch by replying this email or at info@wildcamino.com

Buen Camino! I’ll be sharing more of my Camino adventures very soon.


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