6 Reasons To Walk The Camino De Santiago In Autumn

Every season on the Camino de Santiago is different and autumn time does not disappoint.

If you are considering walking to Santiago de Compostela, here are six reasons to pack your boots and hit the Camino Portuguese in autumn.

1. If you prefer to walk during cooler weather, the months of September and October are the perfect time to explore the Portuguese Camino de Santiago.  You´ll be welcomed by clear, blue skies and crisp mornings (with a little rain from time to time).

2.  The Camino is a little less crowded at this time of year, as the August holiday Pilgrims finish their way and return home, yet you’ll still have plenty of Pilgrims to share a Buen Camino!

3. Did you know that thousands of people flock to Northern Spain and Portugal to celebrate and witness the harvesting of the grapes in September and October? Yes, this is wine country. The vineyards along the Camino are heavy with the year’s fruit. It’s such a wonderful experience to wander through the countryside and watch the farmers harvest the grapes by hand, in the old ways.  Indeed, it’s an added bonus of walking the Camino in autumn time.

4. With the change of season from summer to autumn, the leaves begin to fall, changing the scenery from lush green to autumn hues of brown, orange and red. Fall is a beautiful time to appreciate nature in all its glory.

5. Many Portuguese and Spanish towns celebrate the harvest of the chestnut and you’ll find that little stalls appear on street corners in the towns you´ll visit along the Way, selling roasted chestnuts by the bagful.

6.  The golden hour is at its best during the months of September and October.  Perfect if you enjoy photography.  At the end of your Camino day, you can enjoy stunning sunsets over the Spanish countryside and the golden hour at its finest.

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Photo Credit Tornride