Visit Porto – Experience Stunning Views From The Clerigos Tower

Porto is a beautiful city with much to see and do as well as being my home town.  There is no better way to appreciate this colourful and historic city than by taking in the views from Clerigos Tower, one of Porto’s most celebrated buildings and the third most visited landmark in Portugal.

Clerigos Tower is part of a larger complex of buildings which include the Clerigos Church and Museum.

Clerigos Tower

Built at the behest of Brotherhood of Clerics, whose mission was to help members of the clergy in situations of sickness, poverty and death, construction of the baroque bell tower began in 1754.

The bell tower was completed in 1774 with the placing of the iron cross on the top and the image of St Paul in the niche above the door.

At more than 75m high and a climb of 225 steps to reach the top, the Clergios Tower dominates the entire urban landscape of Porto and gives specular 360-degree views of the entire city.

Clerigos Church

The Clerigos Church was commissioned before the bell tower with construction beginning in 1732.

The Church was finished in 1749, being the first Church in Portugal to be built with an ellipse-shaped plan. The gallery that surrounds the entire nave, making it possible to observe the church as a whole, is a unique feature of this temple.

The church has the oldest examples of gold carving, enhanced by light from the various windows throughout the building which creates a beautiful array of colours which plays across the marble within the church,

The dome of the church includes the coat of arms of the Brotherhood of the Clerics and rests on six pillars.  There are four altars in total; the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Sorrows, Saint Emygdius and Saint Anne.

Clerigos Museum

The Clerigos Museum was once the House of the Brotherhood and included the Infirmary for sick clerics.  Housing a collection of sculpture, painting, furniture and goldsmithery from the 13th century to the 20th century, the Museum seeks to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of an important part of Porto’s history.

If you visit Porto on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, we hope you enjoy the stunning views from the Clerigos Tower.

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