24 Hours In O’Porrino On The Portuguese Camino De Santiago.

O’Porriño is the next stopping place on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago after Tui. Many pilgrims choose to stay in O’Porriño to break the journey to Redondela.

In the medieval period, it was a very small settlement that belonged to the Monastery of Melón. A document from 1292 indicates that it was on the road to Santiago from Tui to Redondela. Later, in 1569, O’Porriño had a hospital for the poor and pilgrims located in the square next to the City Hal which was dedicated to the Mother of God (Avila and La Cueva).

The Centro

The town has a pedestrianised centre filled with shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars to service the pilgrims that pass through. Enjoy a pilgrim lunch or dinner after a meander through the town.

Buildings of note including the elaborate Municipal Offices of the Junta (local Government) which resembles a castle. The building dominates the street it sits on giving a very regal appearance.

Religious Buildings

While O’Porrino has a number of small chapels of note, including the San Benito and Santa Clara Chapels, the main chapel to visit is the Chapel of Angustias (the chapel of Sorrows).

The Village Of Mos

While not technically in O’Porrino, the village of Mos is one of my favourite places on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago. Located around four kilometres from O´Porrino, Mos lies in the valley of Rio Louiro, and is home to the Santa Eulália, a beautiful church in the centre of the village. I recommend using Mos as a stop-off point to enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the small, family restaurants that service pilgrims.

If you intend to visit O´Porrino on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, I hope you enjoy your 24 hours!

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