24 Hours In Tui On The Portuguese Camino De Santiago.

Tui belongs to the Pontevedra region of Galicia, Spain and is the official starting point of the last 100kms of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago. Nestled on the banks of the Rio Minho, Tui is a border town, just across the river from Valenca in Portugal.

Notwithstanding its small size, Tui is a cathedral city, designated as a Historic-Artistic area, and has played a long role in Spanish history.

So, let´s take a look at things to see and do in 24 hours in Tui…

Catedral de Tui

The city is well-known for its stunning Cathedral. If you begin your Camino in Tui, I recommend that you head to the cathedral to purchase your pilgrim passport and receive your first Camino stamp.

The building of the cathedral began in 1120 in the romanesque style yet was finished in 1215 with a decidedly gothic flair due to the popularity of all things french at that time.

There is so much to explore inside the cathedral – tranquil cloisters, battlements, and lookout towers. Some say that the cathedral is more of a castle than a church,  playing a role in the strategic defence of this area from the Portuguese across the border in Valenca during medieval times.

The beautiful gardens around the cathedral balance out the fortress style of the building.

Monte de Aloia

The mountain of Aloia, near Tui, was the first place in Galicia to be designated a Nature Reserve. If you are willing to climb up, you will be rewarded with stunning views across the Vigo Estuary, Tui, the Rio Minho, and Portugal beyond.

Historic Quarter

Tui has a beautiful historic quarter with the main plaza playing host to a number of restaurants and cafes serving typical Northern Spanish cuisine including tapas. There are many shops to explore, including one or two small hiking stores, if you need to buy any additional equipment.

Ideas Peregrinos

Ideas Peregrino is one of my favourite places in Tui, dedicated to Camino pilgrims. You will find a warm welcome at this shop located close to the cathedral. Idea Peregrinos sells Camino memorabilia and has a good stock of guidebooks if you have forgotten your copy. Don´t miss this little gem right in the centre of Tui.

Ponte Internacional Bridge & Valenca

If you starting your Camino in Tui, I recommend a visit across the Ponte Internacional Bridge to Valenca, an alternative start point to the Camino, to experience a little taste of Portugal before you head north to Santiago.  Check out our 24 Hours in Valenca on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago for details.

The Religious Buildings Of Tui

Tui has a number of small Iglesias (churches) to explore. Iglesia de San Telmo is well worth a visit, holding the remains of San Telmo, a Dominican monk who died at the house the church is built on in the thirteenth century.

Tui is also home to Monasterios Santo Domingo de Tui which regally sits on a hill above Tui surrounded by beautiful countryside. An afternoon wander will reward you with views of the city and beyond.

If you intend to visit Tui on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, I hope you enjoy your 24 hours in this peaceful city.


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