24 Hours in Ferrol on the Camino de Santiago Ingles

The historical port city of Ferrol sits on the stunning northern coast of Galicia, Spain. While Ferrol has a rich maritime history, beginning as a small fishing village, the city is well-known as the starting point of the Camino de Santiago Ingles, also known as the English Way.

The Camino de Santiago Ingles came into being in the Middle Ages as pilgrims arriving in Spain from the UK and Ireland crossed the sea and landed at Ferrol to walk the final 100 kilometres of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

This Camino is becoming more and more popular, as the whole route is just over 116 kilometres, and a pilgrim can walk the Camino de Santiago Ingles within five to six days. What’s more, every pilgrim who completes this route is entitled to receive a Compostela, as they would have walked over 100 kilometres.

So, let’s take a look at what to see and do in 24 hours in Ferrol on the Camino Ingles.

Ferrol Old Town

The city of Ferrol has a stunning old town for you to explore. Known as the Modernist La Magdalena neighbourhood, the La Cortina defensive walls and the castles of San Felipe and La Palma are just some of the attractions.

Astilleros del Ferrol

Astilleros del Ferrol is home to the city’s ship-building yards which have been in operation since the 18th century and are still a source of income for the local economy. You can tour the shipyards to see the massive ships being built and learn more about the history of shipbuilding in the region.

 Astilleros del Ferrol

Beach Life

Outside of the city, Ferrol is home to ten different beaches so there are plenty of options to choose from if you would like to explore the surrounding coast. The top three beaches are known as Praia dos Botes, Praia de Caranza, and Praia de Sartaña.


Seafood lovers will not be disappointed by the cuisine on offer at Ferrol’s many restaurants and cafes! Spend an afternoon or evening sampling the delights of the locally caught produce along with a regional wine.

Religious Buildings

If you are interested in religious buildings on the Camino, Ferrol is home to the Co-Cathedral of Saint Julian, the Convent of San Francisco, and the Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen.


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