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Buen Camino!

I’m a woman who has made many personal dreams come true. I gave up the rat race to pursue a life with more meaning. The choice that I made led me to the Camino de Santiago where I found my purpose as a guide helping pilgrims on the long road to Santiago.

I wandered the Camino de Santiago for myself in the month of May for the first time this year. The Camino’s effect was instantaneous as my feet hit the trail and my spirit soared at the sight of the magical landscape all around me.

Many pilgrims talk about Camino magic. I believe that the Camino gives pilgrims the opportunity to find the magical in the mundane. In the small moments that take you by surprise. When the world no longer appears to be black and white. The Camino is all about living in colour.

So, as I walked along the final part of the Meseta, I turned a corner to find a Camino sign I’ve waited to see for years. An image I’ve shared so many times from other pilgrims yet not visited myself. The famous rainbow Camino sign so many pilgrims look out for on the way.

My heart filled with joy as laughter flew out from my lips. Oh, what a moment. Such a small moment for one who has walked many miles of the Camino yet a reminder that the Camino never fails to surprise and delight.

Which is why I encourage you to make your Camino dream come true. Turn your small moments of wondering into wandering and find your Camino rainbow. Live life in colour because Camino dreams really can come true.

If you plan to walk the Camino de Santiago, check out my book, A Wild Woman’s Guide To The Camino de Santiago. I share everything you need to know before you begin your Camino. Read at A Wild Woman’s Guide To The Camino De Santiago or click the link below.

I’m a Camino de Santiago Guide who inspires people from all over the world to live a more adventurous life.
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