Summer Camino – The Festival of Pimientos De Padron

Padron, a town in Galicia and the last town on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, is also known as the home of pimientos de Padron (Padron peppers), a Spanish delicacy served throughout the whole of Spain.

True pimientos de Padron are only grown in the area around Padron. The season generally starts around the end of April and runs to October.  The peppers are not spicy although the odd one can let off a little heat.

The peppers are sauteed in a pan and best served with a decent sprinkle of coarse sea-salt, washed down with a Galician beer.

To celebrate the harvest of the pimientos de Padron, the small town of Herbon near to Padron holds a yearly Pimientos de Padron Fiesta.  The date varies but is usually held on the first Saturday of every August.

The fiesta includes a series of floats, children’s activities, a stage with music and lots of food.

The pimiento takes centre stage as the star of the show.

The pimientos are cooked in giant cauldrons and served by the plate load with fresh, crusty Spanish bread.  All you have to do is buy a plate for around 3 euros (which you can keep) and you can ask for as many refills as you wish.

We recommend that you wash the pimientos down with an ice-cold Galician beer.

It is a wonderful way to experience a true Spanish Fiesta and give thanks for the humble pepper named after this area.

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