Wild Camino Affiliate Book Program

Buen Camino!

I’m Samantha, an experienced Camino Guide based on the Portuguese Camino De Santiago. I’m the author of two Camino digital books, A Wild Woman’s Guide To The Camino De Santiago and The Adventures of A Wild Woman on the Camino de Santiago, in which I share my knowledge, experiences and stories.

Both books are available to digitally download on my Wild Camino website.

If you share my love for the Camino, spread the Camino spirit far and wide by joining the Wild Camino Affiliate Book Program.

The Wild Camino Affiliate Book Program offers individuals and companies the opportunity to generate an income by promoting my books to friends, fans or customers in return for a generous commission of 30% percent (minus PayPal charges) on each book sale.

Every Affiliate has access to images and promotional items to share on websites together with an Affiliate reference to generate a unique URL for every Wild Camino page and article to share on social media channels. Please note, I don’t give permission for my articles to be copied or directly used on external websites.

The Wild Camino Affiliate Program has a lifetime Affiliate cookie so, even if a visitor doesn’t buy a book upon their first visit, the program keeps track of any sales from future visits. Payouts are made upon an Affiliate generating $20.00 in sales.

Questions? Feel free to contact me to discuss.

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