Wild Camino Guided Journey Itinerary



DAY 1 – Valenca

Explore the town of Valenca and enjoy your first Pilgrim Group Dinner



DAY 2 – Tui to O Porriño 18.7km

Today, you will begin your Camino from the old port of Tui, stopping at the Cathedral to obtain your first Pilgrim Passport stamp. After making your way through the old town along the Camino de Barca, you’ll walk through magical woodland and forest, passing through the Túnel das Monxas to the pretty bridge of San Telmo and finish the day in O Porrino.




DAY 3- O Porriño to Redondela 15.2km

From O Porriño, you continue your Camino journey along the Louro valley through the pretty village of Mos. After a short climb with beautiful views over the Bay of Vigo, you’ll pass by the chapel of Santiaguiño (Little St James) de Antas, For the remainder of today’s journey, you’ll walk through pine forests and woodland. Before you reach Redondela, your destination for the day, you will pass through Arcade, famous for its oysters.

DAY 4 – Redondela to Pontevedra 18.2km

Today´s journey will take you will across the Verdugo River over Ponte Sampaio, a bridge made famous by the Napoleon Wars and where Napoleon’s army suffered one of its greatest defeats in Galicia. After crossing the Ponte Sampaio, you will continue along a cobbled road and out into the Spanish countryside. Along the way, you will pass the 13th century Church of Santa María, where you can enjoy magnificent views over the Bay of Vigo while walking towards Pontevedra.

DAY 5 – Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis 23km

Today, after leaving the city of Pontevedra, the Camino will pass through chestnut groves and pine and eucalyptus woods. Along the way, you will spot a statue of Saint James with his walking stick, showing pilgrims the way. The route passes through the hamlet of Tivo with its lovely fountain and public washing area on your way to the spa town of Caldas de Reis.


DAY 6 – Caldas de Reis to Padron 18.5km

After leaving behind Caldas de Reis, your journey will take you across the river Umia and the hot springs that have given the town its name since Roman times. You’ll wander through woodland and forests, gradually climbing to the village of Santa Mariña. After a descent, you will cross the river Fontenlo before making your way through pine forests to today’s final destination: the town of Padrón.



DAY 7 – Padron to Santiago 25.2km

On your final day of the Camino, you will take your final steps of your Camino de Santiago into the city of Santiago de Compostela, and celebrate the end of your Camino in front of Santiago Cathedral. You will visit the Pilgrim´s Office to receive your Compostela.



Day 8 – Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a gem of a city: small enough to be explored and be discovered on foot but always vibrant and lively.

Wander the cobbled streets of its UNESCO-listed old town, go for a stroll in the Alameda Park and discover regional flavours in the local market (Mercado de Abastos) and the many restaurants and bars.


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