6 Reasons To Walk The Portuguese Camino De Santiago In Spring

Every season on the Camino de Santiago is a little different and spring does not disappoint! The spring season runs from around the 21st March until the 21st June of each year.

If you are considering walking at this time of year, here are six reasons to walk the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in spring.

1. Spring In Bloom

The Portuguese and Spanish countryside comes alive in the spring months as wildflowers dance in the breeze. Early spring brings the almond blossom out in full bloom and late spring sees the fields filled with dancing poppies. The countryside is green and lush after the winter rains have passed. Everything feels brand new.

2. Weather Conditions

Spring is a good time to walk the Camino as the temperatures are much cooler than the summer months bringing much-needed relief to the Pilgrims on the way. Expect misty mornings with dew on the ground until the sun breaks through and burns the sky a clear shade of deep blue.  Afternoon time brings the sun out to play.

3. Semana Santa (Easter)

The Easter celebrations know as Semana Santa are a very big deal, especially in Spain.  Most town and villages mark this time of year with religious floats being carried through the streets accompanied by solemn music to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus. In cities such as Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela, Semana Santa takes place over the course of a week with many different activities planned. Whether you are religious or not, it is an experience not to be missed.

If you intend to walk the Camino during the Easter period, we recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance as this is one of the busiest times of the year.

4. A Tranquil Camino

Outside of the Easter period until mid-May, you will find that the Camino is much quieter with fewer Pilgrims walking the way. The perfect time to walk if you want to experience a more tranquil experience.

5. Lower Prices

Again, outside of the Easter period, you will find that prices for accommodation etc are a little lower than other times of the year if booked in advance.

6.  Longer Days

If you decide to walk the Camino late-spring, you’ll experience longer daylight hours. The sun tends to set a little later in this part of the world which will give you more opportunities to enjoy balmy evenings in the towns and villages that you will stay in along the way.

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Photo Credit Janice Meyers Foreman On Instagram