Camino Daypack – 10 Essential Items You’ll Need To Carry On The Camino De Santiago

So, you have decided to walk the Camino de Santiago and made the decision to have your luggage transported between your daily stops. Which means you will be needing a daypack to carry these essential items that you will need on the Camino de Santiago…

1. Your Valuables

While your luggage will be transferred between daily stops, we don’t recommend that you leave your valuables unattended at any point.  For this reason, we recommend that you travel light in terms of electronic items such as a laptop, tablet or camera and carry these valuables with you along the Way.

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2. Pilgrim Passport

Most Pilgrims obtain their Pilgrim Passport before their Camino or at their Camino starting point. Remember to carry your Pilgrim Passport with you so you can enjoy special Pilgrim lunches.  Remember to have your passport stamped along the Way to prove how far you have walked so that you can claim your Compostela in Santiago.

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3. Rain Gear

Depending upon the time of the year, some form of rain protection is necessary.  In the summer months, we recommend a rain jacket or poncho and, in the winter months, you may want to invest in full weatherproofs i.e. pants and jacket.

4. Snacks

Walking the Camino takes a lot of energy and you´ll need a supply of snacks to keep you fuelled up along the Way.

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5. Small First Aid Kit

While you are never far away from a village or town on the Camino, we do recommend that you carry a small, basic first aid kit to treat any minor injuries or bruising.

6. Suncream

Spain and Portugal are blessed with a warm climate, especially during the summer months, which means you will want to protect against sunburn.  Invest in a good quality sun cream to protect your skin.

7. Extra Layers Of Clothing

If you are walking outside of the summer months, you will find that morning time on the Camino can be fresh and you may need warmer layers at this time.  As the day progress, and the sun comes out to play, you can carry the extra layers in your daypack.

8. Torch

Many Pilgrims choose to begin their day´s walk around sunrise, especially in the summer months, so that they miss the heat of midday.  Carrying a torch is handy for early morning starts.

9. Water

While water is readly available on the Camino, we do recommend that you consider using a water bladder to ensure you have an adequate supply.  Water bladders are carried in your daypacks – remember to ensure that your daypack as a hole for your suction tube.

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10. Book

If you are old-school, don´t forget to bring along your Camino guidebook which you can carry in your daypack.

If you are walking during the summer months, you may want to stop and rest on the Camino during the hottest hours of the day.  We recommend that you bring a book along with you to keep you company during these hours.

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