Vinho Verde On The Portuguese Camino De Santiago

While Portugal may not be as famous for its wines as France or Spain, you won’t be disappointed if you are a wine lover!

Some say that Portugal is the place to visit to discover new wines that won’t necessarily reach your supermarket shelves, not forgetting Port, the fortified wine that gave Portugal its name.

Portugal has many wine growing regions and the grapes for one of their famous tipples, the Vinho Verde or Green Wine, are grown in the Minho region of Northern Portugual, where the Portuguese Camino de Santiago runs through.

Known as the Vinho Verde region, it is one of the largest and oldest wine regions in the world.

The origin of the Vinho Verde name refers to the natural characteristics of the region, which produce dense green foliage, but which also contribute to the wine’s profile with freshness and lightness. It is this youthfulness that the wine is named after, in comparison to other more complex and weighty wines. (Vinho Verde Official Website).

If you would like to enjoy a tipple on the Camino, Vinho Verde is the perfect drink to enjoy. Light with little bubbles to ticking your tongue, the wine is weaker than red or white wine and tends to be more refreshing. Perfect after a long day on the Camino.

If you walk the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, we hope you enjoy a Vinho Verde or two in the beautiful Minho region.

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