SOS Location Tracker – Keeping You Safe On The Camino De Santiago (Partner)

You´ve made the decision to take the journey of a lifetime and walk a Camino de Santiago.  Whether you decide to walk alone, with a partner or friends, your safety is of paramount importance to yourself and your family back home.

While the Camino de Santiago is one of the safest adventure holidays you can take, there is always a risk of losing your way, becoming injured on the Camino or feeling unsafe for some other reason, especially if you decide to walk alone.

Here at Wild Camino Journeys, we take your safety on the Camino very seriously.

So, we are pleased to announce our latest Partnership with EasyHike to offer you solutions to ensure a safer Camino de Santiago.

EasyHike are able to lease you an SOS Location Tracker which has the following functions:-

  • A GPS tracker for use on any Camino de Santiago with an SOS button and a 3 – 4 day battery life.

  • In case of any emergency, press the SOS button and EasyHike will receive an alarm with your exact location.  They will call you back and, if needed, send the right help (Police, ambulance or firefighters).

  • You will be able to share a URL with loved ones back home for live tracking.  Your loved ones can click on the URL to see your exact location.  This feature can be used if there is any question over your safety or if your family members just want to follow your journey.  When they click on the link, they will be directed to a screen similar to the one below showing your exact location.

EasyHike can deliver the tracker to your Camino starting point (hotel/albergue) anywhere in France, Portugal or Spain a couple of days in advance of your arrival.  You will be provided with a return envelope.  At the end of your Camino, just pop the tracker in the envelope and post back to EasyHike

The EasyHike SOS Location Tracker is the perfect tool to keep you safe on the Camino.

The EasyHike SOS Location Tracker is available to lease as follows

SOS Location Tracker (30 days) €49.00 (plus IVA for European customers)

SOS Location Tracker (60 days) €98.00 (plus IVA for European customers)

If you would like to lease an SOS Location Tracker, contact us through the box below and we will be in touch.