Hydration – Water Consumption On The Camino De Santiago

Ensuring you remain hydrated on any long-distance trek is a must. Many problems arise from being dehydrated including muscle spasms and cramps which can turn into major injuries.

You may find that your body requires more water to keep hydrated on the Camino, especially in the summer months when you´ll be walking during higher temperatures.

So how do you stay hydrated on the Camino de Santiago?

A million people walk the Camino routes every year. Which means a lot of thirsty pilgrims drinking a large amount of water each day. Which could lead to a big waste problem if every Pilgrim consumed bottled water.

So, it´s a very good job for the Camino environment that the water from the tap in Portugal and Spain is drinkable.

There are fountains strategically placed all along the way and most shops, restaurants and even local residents will give Pilgrims a top-up of water if needed.

You will need a container for carrying water while you are walking the Camino.

Water Hydration Bladders are very popular among walkers. They slip into your rucksack and have a plastic suction tube which you place within easy reach so that you can take a drink without having to carry or take out a bottle.

If you decide to use a water hydration bladder, you will need to ensure that your pack has an opening for the suction tube.

As you will be carrying the water hydration bladder,  we recommend a one or two-litre version which you can top up as you walk.

For those of you who prefer filtered water, there are a number of water filter bottles for hiking on the market which filter the water for you.

We also recommend a small one-litre water bottle for use outside of walking times.

Stay hydrated, my friends, for a safe Camino.

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